Fool's Paradise

2009. Installation

Fool's Paradise was an installation created for a group show “Is There Anybody Out There?”, WW Gallery, 2009. To enter the gallery the viewer would have to pass through a dark corridor illuminated with UV light. From the ceiling I hung ink-splash images reminiscent of the Rorschach psychological test. The images enlarged and distorted by the magnifying sheets positioned in front of them, the light exaggerating black and white, the movement of the paper floating in mid air and the sound coming out from the room next door created an atmosphere of intensity and mystery, paranormal, undefined, scary but fascinating play of reality and imagination.

In the next room I installed a table with drawings floating off the table and a Ouija board drawing machine moving around the room.

Fool's Paradise was an installation referring to our need for the supernatural, religion, belief systems, hope; it was about our troubled life “before-grave”. What is the kingdom of heaven, paradise, the afterlife, or a great emptiness in Buddhism is not just a kind of escapism from reality of our inability of making sense of our life now? How do we deal with frustration with life we helplessly try and fail to embrace?

Nietzsche formulated a philosophical concept of Ressentiment- phenomenon of creation of illusory values and moral judgments as a compensation for our own helplessness and limitations.

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